Calais – we must strengthen our borders

Big questions must be asked about the the situation in Calais. 

Why are illegal migrants, who have already found safety, in France driven to try and get to the UK?

Why has the EU not had an emergency summit to solve the problem? It is an EU problem, created by the EU and encouraged by the EU?

Why has our Prime Minister not been more robust in the handling of the issue?

Why are the illegal migrants, many of whom are economic migrants, not returned to the country of origin, when appropriate.

We must make it very clear, just like the Australians have done, that it will not be possible for an illegal migrant to ever make the UK home.

We must fund and strengthen our borders .


One thought on “Calais – we must strengthen our borders

  1. A government that is incapable or unwilling to defend the borders of the country it represents is not fit to represent the people of that country.


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