No to EU – we must run a positive campaign

Alex Salmond proved it in Scotland: cheerfulness pays.
During the independence referendum campaign, he halved a 20-point deficit. (When it comes to the EU poll, the two sides are starting much closer to level pegging: this poll is eminently winnable.)
Apparently, SNP leaders were taught to be sanguine by an American political strategist who, in an exercise, handed out bags of pennies and made them put one on the table every time they said something negative. That strategist was (for once the expression seems apt) worth every penny.
Against the scare-mongering of the “No” campaign, Salmond’s optimism blazed like a supernova, and many voters were won over.
So, my fellow Eurosceptics, don’t whine about being overrun by foreigners, or about the referendum being rigged, or about media bias.
Talk, rather, about how Britain can thrive as a merchant and maritime power, playing its full part in world affairs while living under its own laws.


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