Weak EU common asylum policy fuelling the migrant problem

We see that weak EU borders threaten our national security as migrants come across the Mediterranean. The EU’s common asylum policy means that they all qualify as asylum seekers who can stay in Europe without any scrutiny of whether they are actually just economic migrants or, even more dauntingly, potential Islamic State extremists who wish to do us harm.UKIP will strive in the run-up to the general election to point out the great dangers of the EU’s common asylum policy which opened up the criteria for who could come and claim asylum to virtually anyone. UKIP was ignored but could see then the massive problems this EU intervention would cause and unfortunately we are now seeing the results.

While some are calling for us to open up the UK to taking in even more people we already have migration running at 640,000 people entering Britain per annum. These numbers have never been seen before in our country’s history and are unsustainable.

UKIP would like to point out that since the inception of this party it has supported our proud tradition of helping those in need in terms of allowing entry to a sensible number of refugees. The problem has come with opening up our borders unconditionally to the whole of the EU.


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