EU telling countries that they will take a quota of migrants – oh no we won’t Mr Junker

The EU executive has announced a drive aimed at radically overhauling the EU’s dysfunctional and fragmented immigration policies.

Jean-Claude Juncker, unelected president of the European commission, wants a common regime of EU border guards, the opening of legal channels to coordinate arrivals to Europe, as well as binding and permanent systems for absorbing the influx of refugees fairly across the continent.

What he doesn’t seem keen on addressing is the soft migration policy that seems to say that anyone who steps foot in the EU can claim refugee status. This makes a mockery of legal migration processes and procedures.

It is ridiculous that every time the EU has a problem the EU thinks more EU is the answer.

In a major address to the European parliament in Strasbourg, Juncker called for root-and-branch reform of disparate immigration policies in the EU. He complained that national governments were failing to observe agreements on asylum procedures, and warned that several countries could be sanctioned. What he fails to understand is that countries are sovereign and like being different. Why should they all have to agree the same policies?

Even Juncker admits that “I don’t want to get despondent, but Europe is not in good shape,” So let us stop this calamitus EU political experiment and let countries decide for themselves how to act.

The population of Germany may be falling so let them take refugees if they want to. Our population is growing fast so we are in a very different position. What we need is to get rid of  the right for German migrants to have automatic rights of access to the UK.


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