Key News Stories of the Day – 14 Sept 2015

Germany re-introduce border controls – Germany closes border to migrants

Corbyn announces shadow cabinet, John McDonnell – Shadow Chancellor, and Hilary Benn – Shadow Foreign Secretary are the top jobs. – Andy Burnham named Shadow Home Secretary as Labour front-benchers abandon Corbyn

John McDonnell has made several crazy comments in the past from praising the IRA to a 60% income tax. – Corbyn gives top job to IRA sympathiser: New Shadow Chancellor who wanted to kill Margaret Thatcher to push through plans for taxes on middle-class families

Unions to strike on the back of the Corbyn victory – Corbyn’s union pals pledge strike chaos: As Labour plunges into bitter civil war, allies threaten walkouts and civil unrest in bid to topple Government to install him in Downing Street

Refugee crisis: Theresa May under pressure to increase number of refugees taken by Britain

Now EU wants bins collected monthly! New edict to help Britain hit recycling target


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