Corbyn appoints a vegan, anti meat campaigner as shadow agricultural spokesman.

Corbyn seeking to score as many own goals in his first week as possible appoints Kerry McCarthy to represent Labour on agricultural matters. 

Kerry McCarthy will have little in common with either the producers or consumers of food and would be better described as the Corbynist who would like DEFRA to be renamed the Department for Eradication of Farmers and Rural Areas.

Ms McCarthy, who was the first vegan MP, is a patron of the Vegan Society and vice-president of the League Against Cruel Sports.
Britain’s farmers blasted the appointment after suffering a dramatic fall in food prices over the past month.

Tim Bonner, head of the Countryside Alliance, said: “We look forward to hearing how Ms McCarthy, who is patron of the Vegan Society which believes ‘animal farming is no longer sustainable and severely damaging to the environment’ and is ‘against all shooting sports’ intends to re-engage the Labour Party with the rural community.”
You could not make it up.


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