Health tourism must be stopped. It is not free, we are paying

There are people coming here from other countries merely to take advantage of free treatment before promptly returning home.

This scam costs the health service nearly £150million a year. This is outrageous and an unecessary cost to all of us.

Health care in this country is thankfully free at the point of delivery but that does not mean nobody pays for it. We all do.

Every health tourist who comes here, cynically exploits the NHS and then leaves without ever paying a penny is doing so at taxpayers’ expense.

But this is not just about money.

It also adds a burden to our hardpressed NHS which threatens to erode the quality of service on offer.

How many people who have paid into the system for years are forced to endure a longer wait for treatment because beds are being taken up by people who have no right to be in them?

Our national health service cannot cater for all those who wish to come here specifically to take advantage of the free care on offer.


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