Reasons to leave the EU – positive, safe and achievable. 

Some politicians say this country isn’t good enough and is too small to make a difference in the world. Those politicians appear to have lost confidence in our country. UKIP has not.

If we leave the EU we can have  £1,000 more to spend each year. By leaving the EU, each household could be better off by this amount – through cheaper food bills, no membership fees, with the cost of regulations lifted, too.

If we leave the EU  our laws our laws will stop being dictated to us by Brussels. Instead, MPs would become accountable to the public and we would once again be able to make and decide on our own laws.

If we leave the EU we could regain control of important issues such as our borders. We could welcome the right talent from all over the world – adding to the country’s already phenomenal cultural and economic strength (rather than having to accept all EU migrants regardless of skill level).

If we leave the EU we could regain influence over our global trade, so that we can do our own deals with fast-growing Commonwealth countries and North America (without 27 other EU countries all arguing for their own special interests!). 

If we leave the EU we could regain our sense of pride we get from negotiating our own global trade deals; if Iceland can negotiate a free trade deal with China, then we most certainly can. 

It’s time to be a bigger part of the world rather than a smaller part of Europe. Britain can do so much better outside of the EU.


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