Ridiculous EU Solution To Migration Crisis – Turkey To Join EU!!!!

It seems the EU’s answer to the migration crisis is to speed up Turkey joining the EU adding 75 million more potential migrants to the list.

This is bonkers and flies in the face of thinking in the UK.

Britain faces the spectre of another wave of mass migration after Brussels bureaucrats opened the gates of Europe to Turkey’s 75million citizens.

In exchange for the visa deal and £2.2billion in aid – which could include up to £260million from the UK – Mr Erdogan, PM of Turkey, will step up border controls, tackle people-smuggling gangs and re-admit failed asylum seekers who had entered Europe from Turkey.

Any deal on visas, or further moves toward handing the Turks EU citizenship, would only swap the prospect of two million Syrian refugees arriving from Turkey, with the threat of its 75 million citizens being given the chance to pour in.

Late on Thursday night at a summit in Brussels, EU officials agreed to speed up talks on visas allowing Turks into the EU’s border-free Schengen Zone, which could come into effect as soon as next year.

Turkey is far less well off than the EU, meaning that a mass of poor immigrants could be tempted to move west.

More than 95 per cent of Turkey’s territory is in Asia and its population is overwhelmingly Muslim, meaning the clash of cultures could lead to difficulties integrating with predominantly Christian Europe.

Extending the EU to Turkey would also mean the bloc shared borders with wartorn Syria as well as Iraq and Iran.

The proposal is ridiculous and would give millions access to come to Britain, to use the Health Service, to use our primary schools and to take jobs. Turkey is a state with a terrible human rights record run by a dictatorial Islamist president.


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