EU fast tracking Turkey. This creates a real security risk for UK.

The EU has announced this week a €3 billion support package for Turkey to help with the refugee crisis, along with visa free travel for its citizens and fast-tracked EU membership proceedings.
 Turkey has a population of 75m with an average income of around £6,000, roughly the same as Romania and Bulgaria.

Over 220,000 people have moved from these two countries to the UK in the last few years. By that measure we would expect 750,000 Turkish migrants crossing into the UK in the event that it joins the EU.
Clearly, the plan hasn’t been thought through. The latest proposal takes craziness to the next level.
Turkey is the main conduit for ISIS’s oil for weapons sales. With one hand, Turkey’s deeply unpleasant regime bombs our allies, the Kurds; while the other tacitly helps ISIS.
Furthermore, by the time we have finished the job of destabilising Syria by bombing it to pieces, with no ground troops, no reconstruction plan, and no replacement for Bashar Al-Assad, refugees will be flooding into Turkey via its porous border with Syria. 
 There is a strong possibility Turkey will then issue passports to these refugees and wave them on their way to Europe.

The PM’s position that the EU helps maintain our Security is clearly wrong. We need to take back control of our borders as soon as we can.


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