Labours Failed Immigration Experiment

Andrew Neather, former speechwriter for Tony Blair, was asked back in 2001 why New Labour had deliberately adopted a policy of encouraging mass immigration to the UK. He replied ‘To rub the Right’s nose in diversity and rendering their arguments out of date’.

Its unlikely that anybody can say with any degree of confidence that the policy of uncontrolled, non-discriminating migration, has been particularly successful for this country. Worse the policy, due to its longevity, has now been (rather unfortunately) classified as ‘normal’ migration, and that anything to the contrary is extreme.

Regardless of your opinion, it is a clear failure of democracy that no citizen of England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland was asked about whether they wanted such changes to take place, or on what scale.

Recently, a report was produced by the Bank of England entitled ‘The impact of immigration on occupational wages: evidence from Britain’.

Not only did the report outline the pitfalls of wage compression and undercutting on ordinary working Britons, it also shed some much-needed light on the UK’s cost of living crisis. But where was the outcry?

And we must not forget that incoming and settled migrants are affected by it as well.

I am sure that migrants entering, or living in the UK will probably not want to see their own wages undercut, as a result of employers seeking to evade expense by taking advantage of the huge demand per job vacancy and offering positions to those willing to work for less.

Britain’s housing crisis often means that migrants themselves (again, both settled and incoming) are often forced to relocate, spend more on ascending rents, or will simply be unable to attain any appropriate accommodation to suit their needs, thanks in part to the glaring surge in demand.

And then there are the environmental pitfalls which affect the quality of life enjoyed by settlers to the UK. From rises in atmospheric pollution to the inexcusable concreting over of greenery and natural habitats, the race to build more and more infrastructure for such unprecedented population growth is unsustainable and unwanted. How these levels of net migration have the support of the Green Party is beyond me!

This mass demographic change often leaves the settled communities feeling frustrated, forgotten or marginalised by dramatic changes to their local area.

Some migrants in this country have been badly treated by some UK nationals (largely not always racist). Not as a result of any kind of personal hatred or agenda, but merely as an expression of the kind of frustration that settled communities feel when integration and cohesion at communal level is stifled, or interrupted.

Large-scale, fast-changing and undiscriminating, non-selective immigration has left many migrants feeling unwanted or disenfranchised in society, not through any fault of their own, but as a direct result of a failed attempt at multiculturalism by Labour.

It is time that the Left apologied for this failed political experiment.


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