Freedom Of Movement – Naive And Making Us Less Free.

THE grand European dream of free, uncontrolled movement of people has turned into a living nightmare. it must stop now before any more harm is done.

The countries that believed in the dream most deeply Sweden and Germany are only now realising the insanity of bringing down their borders.

The Third World marching to Chancellor Merkel’s door last year have turned from looking like victims into looking like invaders. Germany is in shock from the mass sexual assaults of German women and girls by gangs of migrant men on New Year’s Eve.

Little wonder that the Swedes have introduced border controls on the Oresund Bridge to Denmark.

But what did Merkel expect? That the army of Muslim men and they are overwhelmingly Muslim and male and of military age, would all suddenly start wearing lederhosen and believing in the rights of women?

The arrogant assumption of European leaders has always been that migrants would believe in the same things that we do. Maybe, in small controlled numbers this is possible, but not in massed ranks.

But the gangs of thugs who attacked German women on New Year’s Eve have nothing but contempt for the values Germany believes in. They treat women like sixth rate citizens. In Cologne, up to a thousand Muslim men carried out systematic sexual assaults on more than a hundred women and girls.

The mayor, Henriette Reker, caused outrage by suggesting that German women keep men they don’t know “at arm’s length”. NO, these men must stop behaving like animals. Better still, they should go home.

Does she believe that all women should wear the hijabs to prevent these attacks? NO, we are a free society that treats women equally. Foreign men, who behave like animals, will not change our values.

Freedom of movement has in the end made us all less free. The closing of Sweden’s bridge to Denmark is having a knock-on effect through the entire European Union.

Borders are being tightened all over Europe in what feels like a last desperate attempt to preserve a free, tolerant way of life that all of us have taken for granted for far too long.

Freedom of movement is already dead. Killed off by an EU that has scant regard for its citizens views and concerns.

Freedom of movement is a bankrupt idea in Sweden, where they suddenly realise that they can’t afford the £7billion they waste on migrants they don’t know what to do with.

Freedom of movement is discredited in Germany, where young women who wanted only to watch the fireworks were viciously assaulted by mobs of Muslim men.

Freedom of movement is despised in Belgium, where they were too terrified of a possible terrorist attack to venture on to the streets of Brussels on New Year’s Eve.

Freedom of movement has not worked for France, still traumatised by two terrorist atrocities in Paris carried out with semi-automatic weapons that were casually driven into the country across a non-existent border.

And free, unfettered movement of huge numbers of people no longer works in our own country, where net migration is currently at an all-time high of 300,000 a year.

There are too many poor, desperate people in the world for Freedom of Movement to work. There is too much war, oppression and religious bigotry. Free, uncontrolled movement does nothing but import Third World misery to lands that were — not so long ago — affluent and happy.

It is time to start looking after ourselves.


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