Talking about EU on BBC Radio Cambs today at 1720.

Debate with Cambridge for Europe a new pressure group to remain in the EU – Led by Chairman of local Lib Dems of course! 28/01/2016

It was on the Chris Mann show on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire at 1720.

Here are my notes.

Disappointing title for this new group, Cambridge for Europe.

The UK is one of 51 independent states that make up the geographically defined Europe and always will be.

The EU is made up of just 28 countries of which only 19 use the Euro. And of course there are 196 countries in the world all of which we could trade with.

I think the group should at least be honest with people and call themselves Cambridge for the EU.

The EU is a political experiment that has no democratic mandate and remains largely disconnected from the people.

Let us be clear, this referendum is not about leaving or staying in as it is today. The EU is on an unstoppable journey towards ever closer political and economic union. Recently it has become more open in its ambitions to become a federal state in its own right, dominated by Germany.

Key Issues,

Democratic accountability – unelected EU commission makes the laws

Uncontrolled EU migration – puts pressure on housing, services and drives down wages.

Social unrest – today we hear that Wisbech is the 2nd least integrated town in the UK 1 – 3 are migrants

Economic – 196 world countries much bigger than 28 EU countires

The EU seeks to centralize everything, it seeks to control our tax policy – today we hear that the EU is seeking that we apply VAT to everything. We don’t currently pay VAT on food or childrens clothes nor do charity shops have to worry about VAT. That will change.

3m jobs depend on our membership of the EU: Rubbish: This is a common and dishonest misquote from a 2000 National Institute for Economic and Social Research report which concluded it is: “unlikely many of these jobs would be lost if Britain were to leave the EU.”

The EU cost us around £50m a day in subs

In 1973 the EEC or EU as it is now had 38% of global GDP by 2013 this had dropped to 19%

Iceland, Norway and Switzerland are not EU members yet per head are Europe’s richest countries.

It is simply not true that the EU has in anyway helped to bring peace and stability to Europe. The opposite is true.

Forcing homogenous taxation and interest rates across the EU is bound to create winners and losers. Losers become resentful and fractious.

We can see anger and resentment simmering below the surface in Greece.

We are witnessing the migration crisis, undoubtedly made worse by the EU policy of freedom of movement of people. Germany welcoming more migrants has rebounded hugely. Remember, each migrant who takes on EU citizenship will be allowed to come to the UK.

NATO has been the only effective guardian of peace. The EU failed catastrophically in the Balkan wars in 1993. It is not managing the sabre rattling of Russia effectively. The EU has poor coordination, slow decision making and weak operational control.

For every pound we give to the EU we get back 50p. Does that sound sensible to you?


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