Justice Secretary Claims UK Would Be Safer Out Of EU

Gove joined forces with Johnson in an attempt to undermine David Cameron’s repeated claims that EU membership made the UK stronger and safer.

The justice secretary told the Sunday Times: “I think overall our national security is strengthened if we are able to make the decisions that we need and the alliances that we believe in outside the current structures of the of the European Union.”

He claimed EU judges had taken decisions against the UK’s national interests by dictating “what our spies can do and whether we can be kept safe”.

Gove added: “Our security and sovereignty stand together. I believe that there are better opportunities to keep people safe if we are outside the European Union.”

Johnson said the EU had taken “decisions that are inimical to our ability to mount serious surveillance operations against terrorists”.

He added: “The power to take decisions about deporting people or about counter-terrorist surveillance is being taken away from the UK.”


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