Low wages a direct result of EU membership – and the NHS is at risk.

Lord Rose, leader of the Britain Stronger in Europe (BSE) campaign, has admitted it is being in the European Union that has enabled industry to maintain ‘wage compression’, which explains why some people have not had a pay rise for several years.

He also admitted that freed from the EU there would be a general pay rise meaning workers would be much better off and that leaving the EU would not place “three million workers jobs in jeopardy”, despite this being a common cry of the BSE.

Carolyn Fairbairn, Director General of the CBI, has said that British industry is better off in the EU. She has not admitted that wage compression and virtually unlimited foreign labour coming from the eastern states of the EU are in any way linked but I challenge her, or anyone else, to show how they are not. I also challenge her to show how this cheap labour supply is not the prime mover behind her ‘better off in’ position. It is my opinion that it is not for the good of the nation, but to further line the pockets of already wealthy ‘captains of industry’, her members, that she says ‘stay’.

Interestingly the EU loving CBI have major offices in both Brussels and Washington DC. Does the former also explain their support for BSE while the latter President Obama’s position for saying Britain is better off ‘in’? Does this CBI office have anything to do with his enthusiasm for TTIP which, if brought in, would open our NHS to hideously expensive US style medical care and allow US industry to take over the control of large parts of the EU? We saw what became of Cadbury’s in Keynsham once a US company took over its running.

And one further question. Given all of the above to be accurate why would the Labour party, who are in parliament to represent the British workers (in theory anyway) be supporting wage compression, cheap foreign labour at the expense of British workers and possible destruction of the NHS through TTIP by officially supporting the BSE position?

Surely Labour should be fighting to get out as hard as it can; to do otherwise is a betrayal of Kier Hardy, its founding principals and generations of British workers. I therefore challenge Mr Corbyn MP to justify his stance.

These are legitimate questions that BSE, CBI and the Labour party should be required to reply to truthfully. My guess is that they won’t dare to.


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