Q10 –My working with volunteers experience . My answers to the 20 questions asked of PCC candidates

Question 10

  1. What is your experience of working with volunteers? 
  2. What do you think the role is of volunteers in both policing and community safety?  
  3. What do you think it should be?

Interestingly a lot more is done by volunteers than  many realise. If we didn’t have them our  local communities would be devastated.

I have worked with Parish Councils, all unpaid volunteers. I have been involved with volunteer custody visitors for the police. I have run a charity and worked with the other volunteer trustees.I have worked with fellow volunteer trustees of the  Cambridge United Community Trust. And many others.

It is likely that volunteers will play a larger role in both policing and community safety. I will  be seeking more special constables and hope to remove the barrier that prevents them serving in the village they live in!

I also support those who  want to help combat the scourge of speeding vehicles through their communities. I think this should be expanded to include HGV monitoring as well.

Volunteers need to have sufficient training to  ensure their own safety and others that rely upon them. We must encourage and provide non monetary rewards including simple recognition for all the hard work volunteers put in. We must make it easier for people to volunteer and sometimes alter systems to be more accomodating.

We must take the time and trouble to understand the motivation of volunteers and always seek to fulfil them. It is too  easy to fail to  recognise what drives people to volunteer and that risks losing them.

Issuing orders to unpaid staff is not a very productive way to manage them . Leading and encouraging is much better.



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