Q5 –My private sector experience . My answers to the 20 questions asked of PCC candidates

Questions 5 

What experience do you have of working in or with the private sector?

I have worked as the IT Director and quality Director for an international computer chip design company based in London. I was responsible for all IT and quality functions in multiple worldwide offices. This was particularly interesting as I had to integrate the IT of 3 north american companies, that the British company bought, in time for going public with a valuation of over £1b. Change management skills were key.

I was the CEO of a small IT company based in Cambridgeshire which I grew into a multimillion pound company before selling it in 2008. During this time I opened a software design centre in Sri Lanka. We were proud to be included in the Deloitte Technology fast 500 EMEA award – 2007. And all  through organic growth, no investment money.

I have helped an LED lighting company sell technology to Japan. I led a bid to provide a Russian made ballistic scanning system to the Home Office. I helped a forensic supply company develop a foot print recognition system for the police.

When I was in the RAF I was the manager responsible for the design and introduction into service of a complex computer system to manage aircraft. Whilst I had a small team the majority of the work was carried out by an international software house. I was responsible for all aspects of this multimillion pound project.

I currently have a part time role as the MD 0f a marketing company I created with a family member.


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