Q6 – Q9 –My public / private / charity sector experience . My answers to the 20 questions asked of PCC candidates

These questions have been grouped together and I shall answer in the same way.There is a lot to them so I have given as brief an answer as I can. I am happy to provide more examples or go into more detail if anyone thinks that would be helpful.

Questions 6

What experience do you have of working in or with the public sector?

Questions 7 

What experience do you have of working in or with the third aka ‘voluntary’ sector?

Questions 8

What experience do you have of working in or with local authorities and across local authority divides?

Questions 9

What is your experience of working with/negotiating with unions? 


I spent 22 years in the RAF with much of that at HQ responsible for commissioning activity with the private sector.

When I sat as an independant member of Cambridgeshires’ Police Authority I was fully involved with the constabulary and commissioning services.

As the Leader of Cambridgeshire County Council I was ultimately fully responsible for all  aspects of its activities. I chaired a number of public bodies including:

Chairman of Cabinet

Chairman of Health and Wellbeing board

Chairman of Local Government Shared services (LGSS)

Chairman of Cambridgeshire Leaders and Chief officers group

Board member of the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP)

My key initiatives included: county wide superfast broadband, Cambridge Science Park rail station, A14 upgrade, Ely Bypass, rail crossing in Whittlsey and energising the new town of Northstowe.

I spent a considerable amount of time getting to understand the contracts and relationships with partners and suppliers. In particular I reviewed the highways maintenance contract, adult social care spending and the Cambridgeshire Communities Service arrangements.

I was regularly called upon to comment on draft policy and direction of travel with suppliers who were often the third sector.

I became one of two founding board members of the newly created Cambridge & Counties bank an initiative between Trinity Hall College and our pension fund. I was FSA approved. Interesting times when I refused to allow a bonus culture at the new bank!

I have a huge interest in the third sector who I thought could contribute hugely to  the Cambridgeshire well being. I regularly met with the CEO’s of the organisations across Cambridgeshire. I also used to make time to visit the organisations and offer my support. In my office I have pieces of art from a charity called Rowan which I used to promote. Rowan website

I used to enjoy my regular meetings with the unions, both staff and schools. I recognised that they were performing a worthwhile function and I was impressed with there ability to defuse claims that were ill founded.

I set up  a charity for children in Cambridgeshire and was a founding trustee of Addenbrookes Abroad


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