David Wilson – concerns over quality

Communications from a resident of Summersfield in Papworth Everard.

Hi All,

Thanks for contacting Bob from the residents association about our issue with poorly installed insulation, High heating costs and the house never feeling warm and comfortable which I suspect is not a isolated issue.

We are very exposed as we live opposite the new park and the open fields so the issue is magnified and prompted us to get a thermal imaging scan from Paul at Sustainable Lifestyles (See attached).

The Thermal Imaging report shows the following:-

Ø EcoTherm insulation tiles in roof rafters are not installed correctly, some have fallen out, they are not sealed or taped as documented in Part L1A Conservation of fuel and power in new dwellings. For a 3 floor house I am happy to show you exactly what I mean by this.
Ø The roof eaves are not sealed so the warm air from the floors below escape via the cavity behind the plasterbaord or cold air is allowed to pass down behind plasterboard.
Ø The roof eaves also allows the cold under the 3rd floor floor making it cold to walk on and the 2nd floor ceiling cold.
Ø The entire perimiter of the 2nd floor external ceiling joints are showing cold.
Ø 20-30% of the roof insulation missing with multiple areas completely missed.
Ø We have massive draughts coming out of all plugs sockets, from under our kitchen units and under the bath etc.
Ø All doors\windows are installed very badly so they all leak air and thermal bridging as well as being the cheapest product available. All seals don’t compress to make the window air tight. Keylite are venting air through every possible crevace.

(Note: To properly fix the above issue is to completely move everything out, remove all Drylining to get access to the EcoTherm tiles and roof eaves to 100% seal the roof which I suspect could take a number of months. )

I have attached a copy of the Thermal Scan to see the state of the build and the issues for yourself.

Another issue we have identied which is applicapable to all houses but not a breach in regulations but breaks the build standard and best practice:-

Ø When plasterboard is installed there is a concept called “solid dab” (See below). This is DWH standard (as confirmed by Chris Hatfield – MD) to build houses and it is a manufacturers recommendation.

Ø DWH cheap Dryliner’s should have done a “solid dab” but have not as they used a process called “Dot and Dab”. Dot and Dab makes a already draughty house worse as there is not a solid line of adhesive to stop air flow travlling between the insulation and the plasterboard.

(See below re: Solid Dab from manufacters instructions)

Stage 3:
• Mix Gyproc Dri-Wall Adhesive to a
thick consistency.
• Using a trowel, apply a continuous
band around the perimeter of the
wall, ceiling edge, and around any
services or openings to provide
greater airtightness.

Another sign of concern is the high energy bills. You should have been given a EPC document which shows how your property should be performing. Our is supposed to a Category B which is far from the truth.

We were not given ours but you can download it from below:-


Our energy bills show be £1900 for 3 years. We have done that in 12 months with approx £200 a month despite being cold..

The Thermal Imaging company is below who is offering a fantastic service not only producing such a damming report but the aftercare and expert advise, if anyone is concerned.


If you have any concerns you should seriously consider getting your own report but in the meantime have a look at ours.

We have an NHBC meeting on the 26th April to investigate this issue but if I can get further proof of other issues, take photo’s this will help us and all our fellow residents and get proof for the NHBC that this house and many others do not meet regulations.

If you want to meet up, have a chap, arrange to pop round to see, I can pop round to show you, send a text or reply and we can arrange something.
(Note. I can only show the issue on a 3 storey house)

I look forward to hearing back as we are being ripped of by DWH whilst paying top dollar for sub-standard homes.

Thanks Lee/Jacquie


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