Q11 –My experience of public /elected office . My answers to the 20 questions asked of PCC candidates

Question 11

What previous experience do you have of the demands of public and/or elected office?

I was selected as an Independent member of the Cambridgeshire Police Authority. This lacked democratic accountability but I was the face of the Police at many meetings across the county.

As the Leader of Cambridgeshire County Council I was responsible for a huge budget and thousands of staff. I chaired numerous committees and spent a lot of time promoting our wonderful county.

Whilst Leader I had to preside over some of the largest cuts ever for local government. These cuts were imposed by a Conservative government who had little regard for local services.It was tough and some of the decisions were not popular but by law we had to set a balanced budget.

I regullarly challenged the Conservative government on the wisdom and unfairness of the cuts. I met with ministers on a regular basis.

As a direct result of my engagement with ministers over the A14 widening scheme it was brought back to  the table in extraordinary quick time (quick time for gov that is!!!).

I led on applying pressure to provide super fast broadband across the county, a new rail station for Cambridge, a by-pass for Ely and a solution for the Kings Dyke crossing in Whittlesee.

I believe I am effective at time management, incisive in my thinking, a good problem solver and very hard working.


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