Our Police Officers are under pressure- we must do more to help them

This has just appeared on the Police Federation website:
The high-stress nature of the job is driving several police officers to consider suicide, says the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW).
Its Welfare Support Programme (WSP), set up by thePolice Firearms Officers Association(opens in a new window) (PFOA) and PFEW, has seen the number of ‘vulnerable and at risk’ officers on its books soar in the 10 months since the scheme started.
Currently, out of 230 people registered on the scheme, a staggering 148 are being carefully monitored for their own health and wellbeing.
The PFEW figures have been released to coincide with the latest survey from mental health charity Mind(opens in a new window), which shows that one in four emergency service workers has thought about ending their lives(opens in a new window).

The Mind survey also revealed that:

•    5% of the staff and volunteers from police, fire, ambulance and search and rescue services polled had made an actual attempt to take their own lives
•    41% had been prescribed medication
•    more than 92% suffered from stress, low mood and mental health issues at some point
•    and this made nearly two thirds of them think about leaving their jobs

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