Our politicians are risking a serious backlash from the people – they demand Brexit now.

What do our politicians think they’re doing? What will it take to make our politicians finally understan that the people of the UK voted for Brexit and they want it now.

Do we need to descend to strikes and  civil disobedience? 

Four months ago the British people did exactly what they were asked to do, by the government of the day led by the Prime Minister.They listened to the competing Brexit campaigns, weighed up the arguments, and then they went to the polls. 

33 million of them delivered their verdict, which was clear. ‘We want to leave the European Union,’ they said.

We now listen to elected politicians delivering their considered response. ‘Not so fast,’ ‘We think you’ve got it wrong. Don’t worry we know what you really meant to say”

What MPs wanted was simply some scrutiny of the Brexit process, they said. And who could object to that? But that was not the real story.

British democracy is a jewel. It works like this. The people express their wishes, and the politicians act upon them. It’s not perfect. But it has served us well for about 300 years. 

If the people who sit within the Palace of Westminster don’t come to their senses, that system will be consigned to the dustbin of history.

MPs have been forming an orderly queue to explain to the British people what they had actually voted for. They had not, they were told, voted to leave the European single market. Or end free movement. Or anything else that could be termed ‘Hard Brexit’.

But that is just not true. The ballot paper asked: ‘Should the UK remain a member of the EU or leave the EU?’ And they voted to leave the EU. That is hard Brexit and the people voted for it.

It could be argued that the government might have offered a range of options or caveats or qualifications or ……….. for the referendum question. But they did not. 

That means leaving the single market and the mechanisms that allow for free movement, and discarding the laws imposed by the European courts. 

There wasn’t a third option. No Brexit or Hard Brexit were the only choices on the ballot paper. So, again, what do our politicians think they’re doing?

When Ed Miliband – rejected by British voters in one of the most humiliating political rebukes of the modern era – stood up in the Commons and started lecturing the Government about having ‘no mandate’, did he not understand the EU referendum was a huge mandate? Has he no self awareness or humility?

The Conservative government valued the opinion of the ordinary people until the referendum result didn’t go the way they wanted. 

Now it seems ordinary working Britain can go hang. What we are witnessing  is one of the greatest exercises in denial ever undertaken by the British political class. 

The liberal Left – unable to comprehend their world view does not extend beyond the M25 have convinced themselves that Keir Starmer, the Shadow Brexit Secretary, will come riding over the hill on his white charger, flourishing a list of 170 questions for Ministers in one hand, and a pot of Marmite in the other.

We have heard a lot of talk from MPs about their ‘bottom lines’. 

But the bottom lines for the British people could not be clearer. They want an end to mass migration. 

They do not want a conversation about mass migration, or how it will be tempered by restrictions on migrant benefits. They just want it stopped.

And Brexit – through the ending of free movement – is the means by which they have chosen to stop it.

 What country will we become if our politicians try to mount a revolt against the will of the people?

In 2009 a million people voted for the BNP. ‘Are you listening to us?’ they said. In 2015 four million voted for Ukip. ‘Are you listening to us now?’ they said. In June, 17 million voted for Brexit. ‘OK, are you listening to us now?’ they asked.

Our MPs had better come to their senses. Because the British people will not ask again. 


One thought on “Our politicians are risking a serious backlash from the people – they demand Brexit now.

  1. Very well said Nick.

    The government should have prepared themselves with a proper plan in the event that we voted to leave before June 23rd so that it could of been acted on immediately.

    However, as we know David Cameron was so arrogant to think that we would agree with him to remain in the EU, wrong … we went against his idea by voting to leave this awful mess called the EU which Heath quietly signed us into the illegal treaty before giving us a Referendum in 1974 to join.


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