HMP Highpoint – update – proposed car park to be relocated πŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸ‘

Today I received an email from the Ministry of Justice providing me with an update to the HMP Highpoint prison planning application.

One of the key concerns raised was regarding the position of the proposed East car park. This was too close to residents on the Highpoint Estate and would have been disruptive. I was asked by residents to see if this could be relocated elsewhere.

The MoJ has today confirmed that they are now proposing to move the car park to another area of the site, on the previously developed land south of the prison, formally used as an anchoring area for RAF jets.

By moving the site of the car park, this should remove any potential issue of light and noise pollution for residents on the Highpoint estate, as well as make residents feel more comfortable from a security perspective. The proposed new area is already a hardstanding area, so it will avoid removing any green areas and means the residents can continue to use the open space next to the A143.

I welcome this significant change to the plans. See below for plans of the new carpark.


New proposed carpark to the south of the prison


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