When is town not a town? When it is Clare 😉

We have full council tomorrow. A significant item is to approve the next step of the local plan development which is to go out to public consultation. This local plan is important because it informs where development across West Suffolk will take place. I have spent some considerable time convincing folk at West Suffolk Council that Clare has already delivered more than it’s fair share of housing recently. It looks like I have been successful.

However, there is a small issue that we need to turn a Nelsons eye to.

Clare is a small town and proud of it. However, sometimes being a town can have unintended consequences. As the local plan develops the additional 6600 houses that West Suffolk needs are allocated. The majority are going to the towns. The planning inspector likes to see all towns having the opportunity for a fair share! See where this is going?

The best way for Clare not to have to stomach hundreds of additional houses is …………. for it not to be a town during the local plan process. The good news is that is exactly what is happening. The local plan does not see Clare as a town so whilst that might offend some the greater good is served not having to take hundreds of extra houses.

Thanks to all those nameless officers and politicians at West Suffolk who listened to me.

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  1. That’s a relief then after all what’s in a name? Oh dear probably regret that comment as I wasn’t born here but……… lived here for over 50 years and think it is lovely as it is as really doesn’t need more houses without supporting amenities.


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