Public Finances

Borrow too much, spend too much and think that the boom and bust cycle has been broken for ever and guess what – it all goes wrong. Worse, we now have all to pay, at the local level, for the mistakes of this flawed governments fantasies.

Dire warnings from the main UK political parties on reductions in the money given to councils and public bodies means the way services are delivered is due for a complete re-think. Forecasts suggest Cambridgeshire County Council, which has strong rating for use of resources, could be around £113 million worse off in five year’s time than it is now.

Under a new scheme – Making Cambridgeshire Count – communities will be put in the driving seat of what services they want and how they are delivered.  At the same time Cambridgeshire public bodies and the County’s most influential organisations will look at ways of reducing duplication of resources and redesigning services to be more effective and focused. Council chiefs say that it is right that authorities tighten their belts at this time but ‘salami-slicing’ from services public bodies deliver will neither provide the savings needed nor the services Cambridgeshire wants and deserves. Although over the next five years funding will stay relatively the same, the Council will have to find an extra £47 million to cover inflation and a predicted £55 million is needed for the increased demand for services.

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