Fulbourn Library Access Point

The LAP service is under financial pressure with £30k of savings required from the LAP service budget. This has caused some concern, in all the LAPS. When Kathy Attmore, the chair of the volunteers, raised the issue with me it seemed incredible that this fantastic service should be put at risk for such a small sum. Remember , this £30k is from across the 10 LAP’s.

It seemed to me that demonstrating how wonderful the Fulbour LAP is was key to this argument. I invited Sir Peter Brown, the responsible cabinet member, to a meeting with Kathy, the parish council and me so that we could explain the good work being carried out and to show off the superb  facilities in Fulbourn.  We are now a lot more hopeful after Peter gave a great big thumbs up to Fulbourn LAP. He is committed to these sort of services as they provide a great service and provide for community cohesion.

We are working with Sir Peter to ensure we retain the library in Fulbourn that we deserve. Watch this space if I hear different !!!!!!!!


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