Lib Dems still demand congestion charge ????

So, the transport innovation fund is dead. We have all spent a lot of time running around preparing bids for up to £500m to improve the transport infrastructure. And now it has been taken away by this bankrupt labour government. I resented being told we could only have the money we were rightly due, for our roads, if we accepted the congestion charge. I’m not sure if that was blackmail or bribery but which ever I don’t like it which is why I am proud to be one of only 7 county councillors to vote against the TIF application, which included congestion charges, last year.

Well, I am not sad. Because the congestion charge has also gone away I can’t help but smile (large grin actually). Yes we are still left with potential congestion, yes we still need to find money for a new station and yes this will involve lots more hard work, but ………. that is the same for all cities in England.

We have been saved from the blight of a congestion charge. We will remain competitive in the world market place. We will continue to be know for our technology, world class university and our flat landscape and not for being  “that city with a congestion charge”

How odd then that the Lib Dems continue to argue for a congestion charge. Only a party out of touch with the needs of business could possibly think that a congestion charge would benefit this county. Madness.

A fine, fine day.

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