Horningsea – Fen Ditton Cycleway update

With the first part of the cycleway complete (A14 to Horningsea) it was time to turn the attention to the A14 to Fen Ditton stretch. I have to say the first bit looks fantastic.

Given all the projects being cancelled or delayed including the A14 widening it was with immense pleasure and some relief that the Fen Ditton bit was started. I joined the queue behind the temporary traffic lights in place to manage traffic whilst huge amounts of earth works were being carried out to ensure the cycleway was in the right place and wide enough. Just for once I did not mind the delay.

I confess I had to poke my nose into the deep trench being dug to find out more. It seems that a drainage gully had to be moved and that involves deep trenches, pipes and gravel all laid at the right gradient. Still to come are the moving of telegraph poles. And there was me thinking a cycleway was a few kerb stones and tarmac!!!

We will be left with two issues, crossing the A14 safely and crossing over the road near the school. Cross fingers the money does not run out but in this economic climate ………………..

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