Every child deserves a family – can you help

This news article is on the Cambs County Council website which is worth a read and support.

A campaign continues next week to encourage more people in Cambridgeshire to find a place in their homes for a child needing secure and loving parents.

Adoption Week runs from November 1 – 7 and Cambridgeshire has a number of children who for variety of different reasons are not able to be brought up by their birth families.

For these children the County Council’s Adoption team needs adoptive parents who can help them develop their personality, encourage their talents and provide them with the opportunity to excel in life.

Anyone can apply to become an adoptive parent regardless of sexuality or relationship status, but applicants need to be over 21 years old, honest, healthy and robust enough to take on the parenting of a child.

Adoption is a lifelong commitment and the child would become a part of the family. The parent would become the legal parent of the child after an Adoption Order has been granted.

The County Council also knows that children do better when brought up in families that have a similar cultural background and heritage. They therefore encourage adopters from a diverse variety of backgrounds and cultures.

In Cambridgeshire there are a number of children who have been waiting for adoptive parents longer than others. This includes children who are older, have a disability or some degree of physical or emotional needs.

The local authority also has a number of children that have a strong bond with their brothers and sisters and may need to be placed with them or at least be able to maintain contact with them throughout their lives. Some of the children also have additional needs and uncertainties due to past experiences and poor starts in life.

The Adoption team is therefore looking for families that are willing to offer the best for the Cambridgeshire children – anyone who is patient, flexible and energetic.

Anyone wishing to find out more about adoption should contact the Cambridgeshire County Council Adoption Team on freephone 0800 052 0078 or visit www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk


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