Teversham facilities to be sign posted

Promoting Teversham: Did you know there is a petrol station in Teversham? How many people drive past the village on airport way and back into Cambridge to get fuel because they don’t know of this local facility? A couple of sensible signs pointing out the facilities might be helpful. The rules governing signage are complex and were in danger of standing in the way of common sense. I raised the issue with the cabinet member and the Director for Highways and Access who could see the sense in what was being proposed and have worked hard to overcome the barriers.

As a result it  seems that we have had some success. It has been agreed that signs can be erected on Airport Way pointing into the village to help promote the fact that there is a restaurant and petrol station in the village. These signs will be paid for by the businesses so there is no cost to the public purse but they will help to ensure the village thrives.

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