Lib Dem’s “putting party before country”

I can only think that it is in the DNA of the Lib Dem‘s to complain and moan about most things yet when asked to stand up and take the tough decisions they wobble and abstain. I guess this is what comes from years out of power.

Personally I prefer any decision rather than no decision. At least in making a decision and monitoring the results you learn something, even if the decision is wrong. Abstaining or not making a decision is weak thinking and lacks leadership and courage. The Lib Dems often abstain at the County Council when they agree with the Conservative policy but don’t want to agree with it in public so they can moan if it goes wrong.

Have a look at this example of wobbling:

Interestingly, during Prime Minister’s Question Time, David Cameron refused to criticise the Lib Dems in his Government for considering abstaining, instead urging MPs to start “looking at the substance of this issue rather than the process”. I agree.

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