Salt Update

The Local Transport Minister, Norman Baker, wrote to Leaders of Highways
Authorities on 15 December setting out what central Government was doing
to assist.  This letter reports on the conclusion of David Quarmby’s
further independent audit of current resilience, which was published on
21 December; and, in particular, followed up on the commitment to
provide further guidance on spread rates for salt.
Following David Quarmby’s review of the level of service supplied across
the country last winter, our staff have adhered to the recommendations,
particularly keeping our spread rates as low as possible. Currently only
10 grammes of salt per square metre  is used where as they would have
normally use 15 grammes or even 20. They have also spent significant
time coordinating between the areas to ensure they go with the most
effective treatment for each area rather than a single treatment
suitable for all. This has means that more salt is spread where snow has
been heaviest.
The work with our District colleagues has meant the more heavily used
pedestrian areas, footways and cycle ways have been treated, only using
a small amount of the basic salt resources and a sugar/brine mixture,
which has improved the service provided in the urban areas.
All this is allowing us to stretch our resources as far as possible and
so hopefully we are now able to wait until the New Year before being
having to consider if we have to reduce the routes treated.
The teams did one run last night at the 10gramme rate and current salt
stock is 2350 tonnes.

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