Transforming the way the County Council works – have your say

The focus of our transformation will be on what our local communities want and we must all make sure every penny of every pound works in the most effective way possible. All services will face change; some will end, or be provided through other partners and the voluntary and community sectors. We’ll be making sure that we prioritise services for the most vulnerable and those that most need support.  This will mean moving away from some universal services and targeting particular groups of people, for example in the support we offer for children and young people.

We will be devolving decision making, commissioning and the running of some services to local level, where people are best placed to decide which services they need.  For example, we are considering subsidising fewer bus services and looking instead at developing more integrated community-based approaches to public transport. We will be making sure that services are provided by those who are able to offer best value.  Sometimes this will be us; other times this will mean working with other partners and agencies.

We’ll help communities to step in where we can’t provide services. We’ll listen more, instead of taking a top down approach. We’ll work more closely with individuals and carers on personalising care, so that people can take their own decision on what is right for them.  For example, by rolling out even greater use of direct payments and self directed support, we can give more people choice and control over their care needs. We’ll focus on preventing people needing high levels of care and support and, when people do need it we’ll intervene early, helping to “re-able” them to live independently.

We are already a lean authority compared with many of our neighbours, so we will be starting this work from a base which is already low cost. Everything will be geared to better outcomes for our frontline, while we streamline the back office and sharing services with others to reduce costs.

Consultation,  we need your views.

This year, we are launching a consultation online at, which means that more people will be able to take part. The results will be analysed and published by Cabinet in January. I urge you all to take part in the consultation as it will impact on how services are delivered.

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