Budget Briefing for Parishes – How It Might Directly Affect Your Parish

Home to School Transport

Post 16 students, with no income, SEN or disability will lose subsidy. Students would pay approx. £900 as apposed to £570 (-£388k) -26.7%

Post 16 students on low income will pay £338.25 per year as apposed to free. Family ticket available – 1st child half price, siblings free

Stop subsidised travel to denominational schools (-£283k) -100%


Some libraries (6??) at risk of conversion to community hubs or LAPs. 13 libraries being considered based on a scoring

Remaining libraries – more self service, mix of volunteers and staff, back office functions shared


    Currently underfunded (even without cuts) so road deteriorating

    Top priority for public

    Additional capital investment of £3.85M over two years

    Cut in revenue for maintenance £1.4m. Impact in deterioration over 10 years at intervention point;

    • A roads 3.4% to 10.4%
    • B roads 6.2% to 18.9%
    • C roads 6.7% to 20.6%
    • U roads 20.2% to 43.4%

    Gully emptying – stop rolling 12 month – replace with as required (-£190k) -32%

    Reduce grass cutting to minimum for safety – visibility splays (-£200k) -12%

    School crossing patrols wont be replaced when vacated and a controlled crossing exists (-£40k) -19%

    Dropped kerbs service provision to be cost neutral. Admin fee gone from £50 to £150

    Reduce vehicle activated signs maintenance. Currently have 350 only 10% for safety led council intervention. Current budget £120k of which £80k for inspections. (-£30k)

      Subsidised bus services

      Removal of £2.7m over plan. (Y 1  £594k, Y2 £450, Y3 £883, Y4 £813) -100%

      Improved community transport (transport forum to be held in feb to see what is needed/ who can deliver etc etc) £1m to be invested.

        Children and Young People’s Services

        Cambridgeshire music funding removed (-£245K) -100%

        Governor services reduced. All no cost training to stop. Move to fully traded model. (-£94k) -26.4%

        School swimming service stopped (-£40k) -100%

        Home to school unsafe routes review. Withdrawal on some routes. (-£272k) -2.4%

        Demographic pressure on youth service to be met from service base. Spread thinner. (-£800k) -100%

        Connexions and Youth. Universal youth work to stop. (-£1m) -30.1%

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