Public Health Changes

Cambridgeshire County Council and NHS Cambridgeshire are jointly organising a stakeholder event on 31 March, to establish a shared vision for the purpose, function and ways of working for the early implementer Health and Wellbeing Board in the county.

Pre-meetings are being held with a range of stakeholders, including all District Councils, the Children’s Trust, the county-wide GP commissioning Senate, LINks, and voluntary sector representatives, to make sure that relevant background information is shared, and to enable the themes and issues raised by different stakeholders to be identified and brought together.

The output from the stakeholder event will be used to shape the development of the Cambridgeshire Health and Wellbeing Board. We are supported in this work by ‘Local Partnerships’ (part of the LGG), and will be actively sharing learning with other areas.

Public sector organisations in Cambridgeshire will be making a joint response to the Public Health White Paper ‘Healthy Lives, Healthy People’ and its associated consultations on public health outcomes and on funding and commissioning routes for public health.

The key question will be “will the cash follow the responsibility”. I hope so as this change could see a real improvement in public health.


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