County takes up bus pass responsibility

From 1 April, Cambridgeshire County Council become responsible for managing and administering the national concessionary bus pass scheme in the county. Those who already have a bus pass don’t need to apply for a new one as their current pass will remain valid under the new arrangements. Those who are eligible for a bus pass but don’t currently have one should call 0345 045 1367 to apply for their pass.

The concessionary bus pass entitles holders to travel free of charge on off-peak local bus services anywhere in England. The statutory requirements under the bus pass scheme mean free travel is allowed during the following times:

· Monday to Friday after 9:30am
· Saturday and Sunday at anytime
· Bank holidays at anytime

In Cambridgeshire, free travel where the only bus serving a village departs prior to 9:30am will be allowed and people who are blind or partially sighted will still be able to use their bus passes before 9.30am. Bus passes may also be used on certain Dial-A-Ride services to give a 50 per cent reduction of the fare. These will be funded by the County Council. Cambridge City Council will  provide some funding to increase the concession for specific groups in Cambridge.

As the County Council takes over responsibility from the Districts, it is important we maintain a high standard and provide a good service to those who are entitled to free travel. Despite budgets being tight with the Government giving us more than £1 million less money to run the scheme, we have been working hard with operators to keep the extra discretionary concessions that are not included in the national scheme. This means for people who live in the more rural communities or use community transport they can use their passes either before 9.30am in some cases or to reduce the fare price on dial a rides.

More information can be gained from calling 0345 045 1367, charged at the normal landline rate or local rate although charges from mobiles will vary and could be more. Alternatively contact our website at


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