Fractured ankle

I have played cricket for more years than I care to remember. During this time I have broken a number of minor bones but nothing that has stopped me playing. I could not believe it, during the first game of the season, I was hit by a full blooded drive from about 4 meters right on my ankle. I now know that it was fractured that should have seen me go home but having taken a rest I went back out to open the batting. I managed 11 runs before scuttling off to A and E.

This all happened about the time I was elected Leader so it was not great timing. Luckily, it was declared a stable fracture so it was only pain that would hold me back rather than doing any further harm. This meant I could get rid of the boot after a week and the crutches after two. Now, apart from the pain, fully mobile.

I played cricket on saturday and managed to bat through scoring 133 not out – much better.

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