Visit to Childrens Centre and Locality team

I had an excellent visit to a children’s centre where I met some of the locality team. The team carries out a range of child centred activities working with families, schools, police, health and child care professionals.

I was particularly interested in a transition project which seeks to identify vulnerable children who might be adversely affected when they move from primary  to secondary school. The numbers of children  are not huge but for each of them affected this intervention makes such a positive impact. A lot of this work can’t always be quantified in terms of financial benefit but I am sure every child that makes it through to a full education and employment, with the life skills to cope, is one less child that might become a burden latter. Great stuff.

I had an interesting conversation exploring expanding the locality teams to include all  aspects of society. Perhaps a single point locality team for everyone, not just children, could act as a triage service for all services. Just thinking out loud.

Locality teams seem to be a force for good. Supporting families, heading off issues with young people before they get out of hand and then helping to sort out issues if they develop. On the face of it very good value.


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