Vicky Ford – MEP good catch up chat

In my attempt to stay on top of things, at all levels, I meet local council leaders and MP’s on a regular basis. It is not always as easy to track down our MEP’s as they are responsible for a much larger geographic area.

Monday was my lucky day. I had a one to one with Vicky Ford in the morning and then joined Vicky and Alex Plant late afternoon for a wide ranging discussion.

We swopped ideas, attempted to find pockets of funding hidden in the dark recedes of Europe and shared thoughts on a range of subjects. We are both excited about trying to bring the science of Cambridge and some of the finest growing land in the world (in the fens) together more effectively. The whole GM debate has slowed our thinking in this area which is a shame given food security is likely to be a growing problem in the coming years.

Me thinks we can do better in this with our obvious talents, perhaps some European money and our fine land in the north of the county. Mental note to add this to my growing list of things to rummage around in.

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