Fenland District Council – aims and ambitions aligned with County Council

Driving to March, on wednesday, to meet with the Fenland District Council Leader and Chief Exec you can’t help but enjoy our lovely countryside. Some of the best growing land in the country and a world class university in Cambridge, the question is are we joining the two up effectively enough?

We had an excellent meeting. I had asked for the highs and lows of Fenland and areas where we can work together more effectively. What was encouraging was the ambitions of Fenland mirror the ambitions of the County. Localism, enterprise and strong leadership.

We discussed sharing assets and investments. What was key was the joint will to improve things for the people of our county. How to get fast broadband into Fenland must be key to enabling business as must improving the rail network.

I am looking forward to supporting our district councils in all our efforts to make Cambridgeshire the top county to live in the country.

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