Scary Friday – meetings with finance, HR, an MP and you know who from March

Scary Friday? Well not not really scary but challenging yes.

First up was a get to know each other chat with the LGSS finance team. Introductions to bright people in this quantity meant I needed to be on top of my game. Given my keen desire for robust budget management this was the team that would be my eyes and ears moving forward. I was keen to encourage them to continue with innovative thinking and to ensure they were comfortable and confident in raising issues early in the process. I was particularly interested in the team responsible for research and performance. We must continually challenge ourselves to spend money in the most effective and efficient way possible. The old ways are no longer good enough.

And then it got potentially really challenging. I had met the finance team in small groups but now it was time to meet HR on mass. Surrounded by twenty odd capable HR professionals I was keen to not stray into any of the danger areas that instinct told me might be there. As it turns out I need not have feared. The group were forward thinking, keen to do the best for the organisation and staff, and had a can do attitude. Very refreshing and just goes to show one should never make assumptions.

Off then to meet with Stephen Barclay MP in Wisbech. We discussed a number of common issues and objectives and how we might work more closely together. We both left with a todo list. A very useful meeting with a senior community leader.

On the way back from Wisbech I diverted into March to meet with John Elworthy, editor of the Cambs Times. We had no agenda but it was very useful for me to listen to someone so obviously in touch with the local community. I am quite clear that being Leader of the County Council means I need to continue to get out and about rather than just being behind a desk in Shire Hall.

Great day.

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