Guided Busway – smooth, reliable and open

The sun is shining, an early breakfast of Michael Beaumont’s wonderful Fulbourn sausages and the guided busway is open – what a great start to the day.

I was pleased to join Cllr Ian Bates in opening the guided busway in St. Ives on this historic day. Large crowds of excited people, spontaneous applause, reporters thick on the ground, plenty of the good and the great and some of us not so good or great in attendance.

An air of excitement and a positive feeling about the whole thing. A speech from Ian, a cut of the ribbon and it was time for the first busway journey. The ride was smooth, the WIFI free and the views wonderful.

It was strange to witness the driver with his hands off the wheel whilst traveling at 50mph. Amazing to see a cyclist seemingly unaware of the dangers of cycling on the guides. Bus drivers hooted horns, slowed down and seemed very aware of this hazard, pity the cyclists were not so aware.

This is a great piece of infrastructure that will help to develop economic prosperity in our county so let’s get behind it and make it a great success.

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