Cabinet changes

Last night Catherine Hutton, cabinet member for Adult Services, let me know that she would have to stand down from the cabinet. Despite a huge amount of effort, balancing work with a full time cabinet position was just not sustainable. My concern is that Catherine is just the sort of person needed in Cabinet to give it balance and energy. Young energetic females interested in politics, with a business background are rare.

I fear local politics will remain dominated by retired males who have pensions. This feels like a democratic failure.

On the positive side I am pleased that Martin Curtis is moving from Health and Wellbeing to take on our biggest challenge, Adult Services. Tony Orgee returns to the cabinet to take over Health and Wellbeing.

I have taken the opportunity to balance some of the portfolios. Now that the guided busway is up and running successfully it is moving from Ian Bates to Steve Criswell. Waste is moving from Steve Criswell to Mathew Shuter.

And all this sorted before 1000 this morning.

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