Tuesday Cabinet – general

Good to see the Park and Ride scheme being so well used. We approved an expansion of up to 600 additional spaces at the Babraham site.

An update report on resources and performance showed we are on target to meet our savings targets with the exception of Community and Adult Services. Part of this overspend is as a result of our decision to support the library service and put them at the Center of our community hubs, wherever possible.

We looked at sharing buildings and pooling assets with other authorities. This is always a complex area. The paper was very pragmatic in that is allows us to strive for a theoretical coming together of public assets, which we would all benefit from but could take a long time to put in place, together with “getting on with it” on a case by case basis where opportunity presents itself.

We were able to welcome and endorse the plans for Public Health being reformed and transferring to the County Council. This is a large chunk of new work, for the County, that will be bigger than a District Councils budget !!!

A new short stay car park in Swavesey was approved to support the ever popular guided busway.

We gave approval for the Cambridge Future Transport Initiative to go ahead. This is a new way of thinking to provide public transport for Cambridgeshire and involves a franchise model. Put simply, if we channel the CCC money we spend on moving people around the county into franchises and allow them to pick up commercial traffic we could end up with much better public transport. This is a trial using minibuses. The first two trials should be up and running before the end of the year. One trial will link into the Whittlesford train station, the second into the guided busway around Swavesey and Longstanton and the third will be general community led. These are trials to see if it will work and to learn. It could all go wrong of course !!!!!

We approved a scheme for highways minor improvements for 2012/13 and put in place for licensing tables and chairs on the highway.

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