Tuesday – Cabinet – where was the opposition?

Today was Cabinet. A full agenda with 19 items on it, some very significant to the people of Cambridgeshire.

The debate amongst Cabinet was good but ………. Where were the usual questions and requests to speak from the Lib Dems? Is there a trend developing that they are not engaging at all? Apart from a contribution from Cllr Whitebread on wind farms, a member led review presented by Cllr Wilson and a local member input from Cllr Stone supporting our plans for Cambridgeshire Future Transport not a peep was heard from them.

The Lib Dem opposition leader sat there, head down in his laptop, for the whole meeting and
said ……………. Nothing! It was clear he had not read the papers in advance and seemed preoccupied. Now I know what he found so interesting. Nothing to do with looked after children, park and ride sites, public health, family support services or any of the huge number of agenda items.

He needs to learn to be discreet because visitors tell me he was busy writing emails for a day of action in Ely to support his campaign on members allowances. He ought to ask himself if he should be drawing his Leader of the Opposition allowance if that is his sole contribution to this council.

Where are the Lib Dem policies? Where is the contribution to shaping policy? Nothing.

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