Monday 24th Oct – the Royal Family is discussed at the and of the day

Monday began with preparation for a meeting of informal cabinet at 1000. Some interesting points came out during our discussions. Always good to have an understanding across the councils business.

Next up was a regular meeting with my deputy. Some important planning and reflection. Always a good discussion.

Then I attended a pre meeting for Cabinet which took place on Tuesday. This is a run through of the agenda, with officers, to make sure all is in order.

I then hosted one of the most important meetings that we have. This is the child protection and safe guarding briefing. The senior officer is able to brief the chief exec, cabinet member and myself on any matter affecting child protection or safe guarding. We take this matter extremely seriously and it is only right that that the head of service has a direct link into the decision makers sat the very top of the organisation. There is always a robust two way discussion designed to allow any potential issue to be exposed.

I then shot off to HDC to meet with the LEP Chairman together with senior embers of HDC. We discussed a number of Enterprise Zone issues including governance.

Then it was back to Shire Hall to meet with Hugh Duberly, the Queens representative in the County, including Peterborough. We discussed a number of exciting opportunities involving the Royal Family.

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