County Council To Co-ordinate Work To Further Improve Safety on A1307

Cambridgeshire County Council is co-ordinating work to further improve the safety record and to cut accidents on the A1307.

County Council Cabinet Member for Community Infrastructure, Councillor Steve Criswell, has endorsed plans to bring together community, campaign and interest groups within and outside of the county to form a partnership which will develop proposals for improvements on the road.

The group will work to support the development of further accident reduction and road safety measures and to help ensure they have maximum impact on communities living alongside and close to the route and on motorists using the road.

Work has only just started, but the group is expected to include County, District and Parish Councillors and representatives from existing campaign and safety awareness groups – including the Access A1307 group.

The County Council’s Road Safety Team regularly reviews the accident record of county roads following serious accidents and following a recent double tragedy on the A1307, the team is currently looking again at any additional measures which could be introduced within existing financial resources to further improve the road’s safety record.

Work already carried out includes reduced speed limits on some stretches, improved signing and lining, traffic island realignment, installation of a static safety camera, a road safety campaign to influence driver behaviour and ‘accident blackspot’ warning signs to alert drivers to the number of accidents on the route.

Councillor Steve Criswell, said: “The County Council has already carried out a programme of safety improvement work which has halved the number of accidents on this road in five years.

“While I am pleased with the impact of those improvements, we want to continue to work with local representatives and communities to assess what other improvements could be introduced and to make suggestions for other changes and to help us set priorities for the work given the current budget situation faced by Cambridgeshire County Council.”

It is anticipated that members of the group will be appointed in November with the first meeting taking place in January.

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