Lib Dem front bench casualty of allowances review

I have no idea why the Lib Dems call themselves Liberals. In reality they turn on each other at the drop of a hat. Kilian Bourke is set to rule his group with a rod of iron it seems! Probably more like a ripe banana in reality but his intentions are clear.

Geoff Heathcock, an honourable and hard working County Councillor, has been forced to give up his opposition health brief because he dared to have a different view to his group when it was supposed to be a free vote. Now, I don’t agree with many of Geoff’s views but I do believe that he had the right to vote in any way he chose, if his leader had really allowed a free vote.

My Conservative group were given the free vote and exercised that right. Quite right too on such matters.

Kilian Bourke seems to have fallen into the trap of only just staying on the side of truth by a technicality. A dangerous place for a politician. Didn’t Bill Clinton try that defence???

On the 2nd Dec I wrote to Kilian Bourke to ask who was on his front bench as it all seemed to be a muddle. I noted that the one front bench member I knew WAS still there was Geoff.

On the 7th Dec Lib Dem County Councillor Belinda Brookes-Gordon tweeted about Geoff in the past tense as a result of my blog. She subsequently apologised for this error and Kilian Bourke confirmed that she had made this error and Geoff was still on the front bench. He even urged me to speak with democratic services to confirm this.

And now, on friday, we find out that Geoff has in fact been shoved out because he dared to listen to the debate in the chamber and use his “free vote”. It seems he has lost the confidence of his group.

My view is that Geoff is more effective than most of his group put together. Shame.

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