A14 News Welcomed

All cross your fingers for some good news tomorrow on the A14.

We need more Tarmac not just fiddling about with junctions in the way that Julian Huppert seems to be suggesting. If he is serious he must be the only person in the county that thinks that way with the exception of a small number of Cambridge City Lib Dems who seem to float through a world that lacks reality. Must be like living in a marshmallow, all soft and gooey, but not of any real use to anyone. See below the press release.

“Transport chiefs at Cambridgeshire County Council have welcomed news that improving the A14 could be included in the Chancellor’s Autumn statement tomorrow, Tuesday.

The County Council has been leading, with our partners and local MPs, a campaign to make sure the vital road improvements stay on the Government’s agenda.

The Council has been in talks with Government and ministers arguing the road needs increased capacity and improved performance to help unlock housing and business development at places such as Northstowe and Alconbury.

These improvements are vital to help drive forward the economic prosperity of Cambridgeshire and the UK.

Cambridgeshire County Council Leader Nick Clarke, said: “The fact that Government is taking the A14 issue seriously is down to the long and sustained campaign we have been leading on with our partners. Improving the A14 is vital for improving safety, supporting business and reducing congestion. But it is not just vital locally it is important regionally, nationally and internationally. At the moment it is a barrier to growth at a time when Cambridgeshire could help kick start the economy.

“We have argued that it needs increased capacity and improved performance so that the traffic flows freely and unlocks housing development and business opportunity at places such as Alconbury and Northstowe. We have made these arguments strongly to Government and it looks like they have been listening. The news of Government’s strong commitment to finding a solution is a great step forward but we will continue to push for the process to be carried out speedily and turn from talk to tarmac.”

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