Lib Dems split over Balls overtures

It seems Labour are back in love with the Lib Dems and as always the Lib Dems don’t know which way to turn. The trouble is no one knows which way they will turn on most issues. It seems rather than argue policy everything is about trying to snare some more votes on matters they think are popular.

Interestingly, I meet lots of Conservative council leaders and of course we discuss a range of matters. Almost without exception labour, whilst we don’t agree with their policies, are seen as a party of principle with policies and ideas whilst the Lib Dems are seen as wreckers who oppose everything and have no policies. Reassuring as I thought it was just like that in Cambridgeshire !!!

The other common theme mentioned by leaders is that the Lib Dems like to rubbish the Conservative party but when they are criticised they go all damp eyed and squeal its not fair. Bless the poor dears.

The Lib Dem split is detailed in the FT.

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